• 15.10.2016
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    What’s in Season – October

    A favourite of the early autumn border, Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ or Black Eyed Susan adds a splash of vibrant colour. A fast growing member of the daisy family it is tolerant of a wide range of conditions but will do best in full sunshine. It is low maintenance and attractive to insects so a great […]

    • 15.09.2016
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    What’s in Season – August

    Hydrangeas are a well-loved plant in the UK, growing lush and green in our damp climate. They are fairly un-picky about soil conditions and will withstand full-sun or partial shade making them a practical choice for any scheme. When in flower they are glorious, covered in lacy flowers which can be white, pink, lime-green or […]

    • 21.07.2016
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    Urban Tree Planting – Our tips for success

    There is good evidence to suggest that trees are a great benefit to residential landscapes, for example house prices have been found to be markedly higher in areas with mature street trees. In the recently published Landscape Institute guidance ‘Profitable Places’, the chief executives of two well-known housing developers have been quoted championing the value […]

    • 04.05.2016
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    What’s in Season – April

    As landscape architects we always have an eye out for plants at their best and this blackthorn growing in Baulk Wood in Bedfordshire really stood out to me on a family outing last weekend. I love the way it’s black stems and white blossom stand out against the deep-blue spring sky. Blackthorn is a stalwart […]

    • 24.03.2016
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    What’s in Season – March

    As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, these beautiful yellow trumpet cups have bloomed. Also known as ‘Lent Lillies’ because they bloom early spring and drop before Easter. Their contrasting yellow clusters attracts a huge uplifting feeling to know that spring is here. Daffodils belong to the Amaryllidaceae family and prefer moist […]

    • 17.03.2016
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    Battersea Place – Landscape Works Underway

    Works are progressing well at Battersea Place. The walls around the perimeter are now being built and the beautiful sawn sandstone is on site ready to lay. We took on the construction design for this Bowles and Wyer scheme working with Vinci Construction, and we are proud to see it becoming a reality.

    • 04.02.2016
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    What’s in season – February

    In February there are a few green shoots appearing and they stand out against the browns and fawns of last years seed heads. The tallest and most elegant of which are the seed heads of the Cardoon. These are huge glorious sculptural plants reaching over 2m in height with silver-grey leaves and purple thistle-like flowers […]

    • 04.01.2016
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    What’s in Season – January

    Prunus lusitanica – we all know this gorgeous evergreen plant. Normally used as a shrub or hedge for screening, it appears in this historical garden as small tree. With careful clipping the wonderful form of the Portuguese laurel makes a lovely and unusual feature along the main path. Since the historic garden has a French […]

    • 14.09.2015
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    What’s in season – September

    The Bedfordshire hedgerows are preparing for Autumn with a first flush of colour. Red rose hips stand out against the soft white down of the Clematis vitalba. Commonly called ‘Old Man’s Beard’ this species of clematis is native to the British Isles and is particularly common in this part of the country, clothing the woodlands […]